Wood Vs Vinyl Windows

With the variety of windows available nowadays, it is very difficult which one to choose and which one is the right choice for your home. It is one of the biggest and difficult decisions to make because you may think which material will be the best for your home interior.

wood vs vinyl windows

You may question yourself that which one is the best, Wood or vinyl window?

Keeping in mind this problem, I will compare wood and vinyl windows to make you clear which one is the best choice.


You may be confused that which one is energy efficient because wood and vinyl has the same energy efficiency.  They both perform the same if you look at its energy efficiency quality but there are three main things that set both of them different and you can easily decide which one to choose which are window maintenance, window customization option and the cost of replacement windows.

Well Maintained

You have to take alot of extra care if you are going to install wood windows because they need more maintenance as compare to vinyl windows. Wood requires painting or re-stained after every 3 years which will help them protect from the element.

If we talk about vinyl windows, they need very little care and maintenance. They need no paint or re-stained. You just need to wash it once in a year and just check it that weather it is working right or not.

Custom Options

It is the fact that wood windows are easily customized because they can be painted or stained while vinyl can’t be painted or stained.

More homeowners think that they are stucked because of the plain white windows but they are wrong because there are variety of colors and finishes in vinyl windows that match to your home décor.

If you like wood windows, you can get the same design in vinyl windows to enhance the beauty of your home.

Cost Effectiveness

Vinyl windows as compare to wood windows are very cheap with extra qualities. If you buy vinyl windows it will cost $4000 less than wood windows. Vinyl windows are cost effective but sometimes it depends on the design, size, custom option and quantity of window that may increase its cost.

So what you think which one is the best-Vinyl or wood windows?

After reading these pros and cons you may come to the conclusion that which one is the best.  If you are looking for cost effective and low-maintenance option, Vinyl windows are the best.

But in the case; if you want to make changes in color every year, wood windows are the best for you. If we look upon the energy efficiency option both function the same.

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